Chop, Simi Chop? Series

Retail price: $13.91 (inclusive of GST)
Bundle package: Buy the full set (all 3 designs) and get 1 stickies (worth $13.91) FREE

Give your stamp of approval (or disapproval) Singlish-style with Tuber’s rubber stamps on wood blocks.

Three different chop designs for teachers, bosses and anyone with high standards. Featuring the return of the Merlion vomiting blood, and two other Singlish phrases so you can express your frustration, convey your conviction and chase co-workers to hurry up with style. Use ’em to add punch to what you need to say.

Assembled by hand and with love from Tuber.

Materials: Red premium rubber on pine wood

Size: 63mm x 30mm x 33mm


The Inside Scoop on Singapore

Postcard Booklet

Retail price: $19.90 (inclusive of GST)

Think you know Singapore inside out? Whether you’re a visitor or a long-time local, there’s always something that will surprise you about our sunny island. From little-known kueh to unique housewarming practices, get to know Singapore more deeply with this set of postcards from Tuber.

Twelve designs highlight our local practices, wildlife, brands, places and more that continue on in modern-day Singapore, with write-ups and links to more information. Each design comes with two copies so you can send one to a friend and keep one for yourself.

Material: 24 postcards in 12 designs, printed on Grandeur Zen White (350gsm)

Size: 130mm (W) X 170mm (H)


Bao Ga Liao!

Bao Ga Liao: a bao for every occasion

Retail price: $16.80 (inclusive of GST)

Bao Ga Liao reflects Singaporean’s pragmatic habit of gifting money in envelopes, known as baos. Red packets signify good luck for Chinese New Year, green ones are a tradition for Hari Raya, while white envelopes convey our condolences at funerals. But what about weddings, baby showers and birthdays? Don’t anyhowly hantam okay! Use this set of 20 money packets in eight designs and you’ll always have the right bao for the right occasion.

Available in two different packaging, Sian Bao and Toot Bao.

Material: 20 money packets in eight designs, printed on RJ Paper (120gsm Summer White)

Size: 85mm (W) X 165mm (H)


Tuber 3M Post-it® Stickies

Retail price: $13.91 (inclusive of GST)
Bundle price for both: $23.54 (inclusive of GST)

Our two bestselling 3M Post-it® notes with a Singlish twist – “Can I hepchu?!” and “Ho Seh Boh?!” – are back by popular demand!

Made for sai kang warriors who are buried under tons of work while valiantly scrambling to the surface for air. Use ’em to make a list of the things you kena arrowed to do, or expertly dispense them when you have to tai chi it to a sadder minion. You can chut any pattern you want with these.

Material: 3M Post-it® notes of 5 variedly-sized sections with 50 sheets of Post-its each

Size: 95.6mm(W) X 145.2mm(H)

Ho Seh Boh?!

Can I Helpchu?