Potato Rebranding

Potato Productions, Tuber’s parent company, is a group of enterprises that are dedicated to technological innovation, dynamic creativity and the effecting of real and positive change.


In 2017, Tuber’s rebranding effort for Potato Productions injected new life to its logo. First, a palindromic effect reflects the Potato Group’s versatility in a global environment. The hexagon conveys a sense of equilibrium and stability, while also alluding to the basic unit of honeycomb, created tirelessly by bees. As a result, the logo also signifies how hard-working individuals work closely together to form a strong foundation for the Group.


The fluid mix of bright colours conveys a sense of motion and vibrancy, which represents the Group’s dynamism and adaptiveness in an ever-changing world. An animated version of the logo on the Group’s website further highlights this.


Other than on the Group’s website and social media accounts, this new logo was also applied to a suite of collaterals. To ensure consistency, Tuber produced a set of brand guidelines relating to logo application for Potato’s subsidiaries.

Tuber Rebranding

In 2014, Tuber embarked on a rebranding exercise to play up the company’s ability to meld the two disciplines of editorial and design, while emphasising the artisanal quality of our work. The distinctive Tuber logo was updated to convey a modern, clean look. The roots were retained to represent the ability to “grow good work” and to deliver work with depth. To balance the “T”, a base was added. Is it a pot or a shovel? That’s open for interpretation and conversation with clients. The key message is that we are down to earth and rooted.


The new namecard, which comes folded, is a conversational piece. On the outside, the corporate look is reassuring but once opened up, the neon Pantone pink within reveals the quirkier aspect of Tuber.


The rebranding effort was recognised by the Singapore Design Business Chamber. Based on the rebranding and our portfolio, Tuber was named one of Asia’s Top Design Practices 2015.

Let’s Take a Walk

Let‘s Take a Walk 2015 is a non-profit endurance walking event organised by volunteers of the Raleigh Society, a youth development group.


When approached by the Society for design and branding assistance, Tuber agreed to design the logo, T-shirts, walker’s bibs and posters on a pro bono basis. Tuber also gave art direction for the website, which was put together by the Society’s volunteers. Tuber drew up a colour palette, created a number of high quality imagery, and a template to guide the development of the website.


The logo and website use the distinctive blue colour of Raleigh Society. The logo depicts a pair of slightly shaky legs to add a bit of humour and to reflect the challenging nature of the extreme 100km walk. The logo also carries the 2015 event’s theme of “Celebrate Life” in memory of a former Raleigh Society president, Sheau Wen, who passed away in January 2015 after an eight-year battle with cancer.

Matlock Stone

Matlock Stone Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based entertainment marketing and production company specialising in research and analysis of the Asian entertainment industry.


In 2009, Tuber was commissioned to develop Matlock Stone’s corporate identity, corporate stationery and marketing brochures that would be distributed to partners, including movie producers in Hollywood, USA. Tuber used the traditional dragon motif and Chinese script to bring out the company’s Asian identity, while keeping things modern with the use of vibrant yellow, that creates strong visual presence for both print and digital platforms. The brochure was printed on a mix of paper materials (from woodfree, to artcard and tracing paper) to highlight the company’s versatility and range of projects.


Tuber’s work was recognised by the Singapore Design Awards when it won the Silver for Graphic Design category in 2010.