The Right Side 2

This book commemorates the 20th anniversary of the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR). As it is about the NYGR’s achievements in rebuilding the lives of youths in the past decades, Tuber proposed the use of a graphic novel style to drive the book’s editorial and design direction.


Graphic novels – in any language – have always been a popular medium for young Singaporeans. Not only are these graphic novels entertaining and enthralling, they also help young people explore the complex issues that they grapple with in (love, family, friendship, work life etc) in a less daunting manner. Graphic novels have a way of enabling readers to imagine and empathise with the situation of the protagonists.


In line with the concept, Tuber drew on the client’s case studies, scripted and illustrated seven graphic stories to give added prominence to NYGR’s success stories. The eye-catching stories gave the otherwise corporate book a significant “lift”, enabling us to deliver yet another unique product to our client.

Singapore at 50 | The Business of Nation-building

Tuber was commissioned to conceptualise, design and lay out this 300-page coffee table book to document the history and milestones of 17 organisations including the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Airlines, SMRT Corporation and the Port of Singapore Authority, that have had an impact on Singapore’s economic development. Meaningful icons and colour bars were used to represent each organisation. The book was launched in August 2015 and is on sale online and at major bookstores.

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

This 16-page commemorative publication was produced for the Singapore Public Service shortly after the country’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew passed away in March 2015. The booklet featured four main themes that was important for Mr Lee and particularly relevant to the Public Service: integrity, excellence, sustainability and communication. The booklet also featured reflections of civil servants on Mr Lee’s impact as well as an interview with the longest serving caretaker in Parliament who had interacted with Mr Lee for decades.

The Good Father & Other Stories

This 92-page book is a compilation of winning essays by inmates who participated in an essay writing competition organised by the Singapore After-Care Association. Conceptualised and produced by Tuber, the book contains touching stories accompanied by haunting illustrations. All the proceeds of the book sale went to the Singapore After-Care Association.


This commemorative book for the National Family Violence Networking System (NFVNS) pays tribute to various partner agencies that support families in managing family violence. The 76-page book, published in November 2012, charts the work and progress of NFVNS and partner agencies with touching case studies. The cover features gold foil stamping for the title.


Tuber was commissioned by the Our Singapore Conversation Secretariat to jointly produce this 48-page publication in 2013. It is a collection of the diverse opinions of Singaporeans who participated in the 660 national dialogues. Tuber’s brief was to create a reader-friendly report that would entice readers to download it in PDF or to read the print copies. To achieve this, Tuber used a cheerful, eye-catching design for the cover, created infographics and used a newspaper template to present the government report. Apart from the design and layout of the publication, Tuber also wrote the feature articles under the section “Voices”. These authentically written, human-interest stories were a highlight for many readers. Tuber also produced Reflections-related collaterals – car decals, stickers, With Compliments cards and table talker cards – for the client.