Case Study – Ethan K Rebranding


Tuber’s rebranding project for Ethan K, a bespoke luxury bag label by local designer Ethan Koh, focused on creating a new logo that reflects Ethan’s whimsical spirit and creativity.


Before our first meeting with Ethan, our creative team pored through hundreds of photos, videos and stories to understand the designer better. This enabled us to propose ideas that included symbols that embodied Ethan’s flamboyant personality, such as his signature accessories – hats and bow ties – as well as his favourite colour, purple.


Inspired by a profile shot of Ethan in a video, our designer illustrated a silhouette of the designer with his signature hat. This simple yet classy design was immediately picked as the brand’s new icon.


To complement the icon, Tuber customised a font type with chamfered edges to reflect Ethan’s mission to create modern, bespoke pieces for his international clients.


The logo’s supergraphic is a blend of two key elements to the Ethan K brand story – exotic skins and kites. The former is a reflection of Ethan’s childhood years growing up in his father’s tannery; the latter a reminder of his father’s love for kites, which later inspired Ethan’s designs.


The icon, font and supergraphics are now being applied to all Ethan K branding collaterals. This has given the brand a clearer and consistent identity of being bespoke and whimsical, across all branding platforms.


To enhance the product packaging, we added secondary colours that were inspired by the signature bright leather colours of Ethan K’s bags. This, together with the matt gold-stamped logo and supergraphic, has made the packaging distinctively Ethan K.