Case Study – ACRA Annual Report 2016


In 2016, Tuber continued its long-standing collaboration with ACRA (Singapore’s Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority) to produce its annual report – this time with a twist. To see it live, click here.

Instead of a print-first approach, the client, to our delight, chose to publish its annual report on a microsite first. This meant that we would design for web and mobile from the get-go, instead of adapting it from print.

Tuber took the lead in the design and editorial aspects of the microsite while web developer, Digital Boomerang, coded it. We worked together to develop the wire frame, which guided the aesthetics and content development.

To reflect ACRA’s mission of creating a trusted regulatory business environment, Tuber gave the microsite a clean, modern and bright look. Our priority was to make the site easy on the eye and simple to navigate.

The challenge was to create a site that would load quickly without being overly bare. We kept the layout simple: a single column, one pop-up box and two photographs per page, and minimal scrolling. Elements like short videos, clickable icons and animated statistics spiced things up a little without cluttering the site.

Some might say that with a website, there would be no limit to the copy – after all there are no page limitations. But Tuber was insistent that in order to write for a web/mobile audience, we had to pick only the most salient content. This was probably the biggest hurdle for the client but we’re proud to say that this was achieved in the end.