At Tuber, creativity is highly prized for helping us to discover new areas of interest, refresh our perspectives, and overcome any creative blocks.

In October, we had our first experience with Lego Serious Play, a workshop that combined a structured approach with play, storytelling and reflection. Under the guidance of facilitators, the Tuber team participated in activities that honed skills in areas such as creative thinking, communication and problem-solving.

You may wonder how playing with Lego, typically a child’s activity, can be a serious play for adults. At this workshop, we found much relevance in using Lego models to build abstract concepts, as well as to express our capabilities and personalities.

We were prompted by the facilitators to build and explain our individual models, which we eventually combined into a group model representing our team’s perspective.

Here are a few of our takeaways:

We got to know one another better

Creative games, such as Lego Serious Play, are a great way of bringing colleagues closer. We discovered more about ourselves while immersed in the activity, and had fun at the same time. Each individual Lego model that we formed showcased our uniqueness.

We unleashed the creative energy of the team

Creative team play can catalyse the discovery of new strengths and foster new ways of problem-solving at both the individual and team level. Even though we were asked the same question, our interpretations were different and unique.

We made connections between our ideas

At the session, we instinctively grabbed our own Lego models to form a group model. This action spoke to our instinctive desire to synergise ideas using our respective Lego models. The Tuber team benefitted from this experience and had fun in the process. Give Lego Serious Play a try!

Text by: Jarod | Illustration by: Xinyi