I hit the ground running from the time I joined Tuber as a design intern in June 2021. I have helped to design several social media posts such as those for our IG account, @tuberpompipi. The one I enjoyed working on most was “How Tuber stays productive and happy during WFH”. Ironically, working from home (WFH) has been something of a struggle for me.

I am one of those people who started their jobs when WFH was a default arrangement under Singapore’s COVID-19 safety management measures. While some people are comfortable engaging others virtually through platforms like Zoom or Butter, I found having to do so with colleagues I have yet to meet a bit of a challenge. I am not really extroverted, so virtual communication yanks me out of my comfort zone and requires more effort. Thankfully, the team has been really welcoming; they helped dissolve my shyness and boosted my confidence to speak up during our online meets.

They were also the reason I managed to pull off a product Tuber was putting together around the time I joined the company: a newsletter. I have to admit I had no clue about the different aspects to consider in putting together a newsletter. But I had the support of colleagues like Tuber’s Design Director, Fei, and our Senior Project Manager, Jarod, who guided me whenever I encountered almost insurmountable obstacles. I’m proud to say our newsletter, Offshoots, has been launched, and I couldn’t be prouder of our efforts. And I learnt a few things along the way too:

  1. Always put yourself in the shoes of your readers (For example, is the text hard to read?)
  2. Visual hierarchy (Where do you want your audience to look first?)
  3. Do not use more than two fonts in one layout

As I work on other exciting projects at Tuber, I also look forward to experience working as a team in our physical office. It would be nice to finally sit and discuss ideas among people I only know virtually. But until that time comes, I suppose I will get the hang of working from the comfort of my home.

Illustration by: Janessa Aw