I joined Tuber as an editorial intern in January 2021. Before this, I slaved away at a part-time receptionist job while juggling studies at university – all to save up for the cat of my dreams: A ragdoll. I love dogs too, but I resonate more with cats. And yes, you read that right: he cost $5,800. But he is adorable and has taught me many useful lessons that I applied during my time at Tuber.

Our intern’s cat, Bailey

  1. Stay curious
    Bailey’s hardwired curiosity allows him to make the most out of simple things. It could be the swooshing sound of a plastic bag, a motionless lizard or even a piece of paper. At Tuber, casual chats about the weather, food and music end up being potential story ideas and new social media content. Is going vegan actually better for the environment? Or what makes South Korean boy group BTS so successful and how can we learn from them? The list goes on. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat; curiosity taught the cat.
  2. Multi-tasking vs being focused
    As our work from home arrangement continued, I caught myself constantly trying to multi-task. For instance, I would be tempted to do other work while listening to a Zoom meeting. Bailey, on the other hand, always concentrates on one thing at a time. When it’s time to eat, he focuses on eating until his dish is clean. I learnt that half-focusing is not effective. Now, I prioritise my assignments and give my full attention to one task before moving on to the next, which works a lot better for me.
  3. Rest is important
    Bailey may spend about 16 hours a day sleeping; when he’s awake, he becomes the most alert and active creature. Getting enough sleep and rest keeps our mind and body healthy. I’m thankful that Tuber believes the same and encourages taking short naps for a midday boost. In fact, we were so excited talking about the benefits of catnaps that I got to write an article about it.
  4. Work independently, but not alone
    Felines are independent pets and it is probably the trait I love most about them. Bailey keeps himself entertained, grooms himself after every toilet use and goes to bed on his own accord. During this period of telecommuting, I learnt to work independently. Tuber has inculcated a wonderful work culture that empowers everyone to be self-initiated and to develop our own ideas. Our regular online check-ins also allow us to raise any difficulties we may face.

As much as I learnt from Bailey, it was the people at Tuber that made my internship experience a fruitful one. Despite COVID-19 hovering over us like a stubborn shroud, the team remained a cheerful and forward-looking bunch. If anyone wants to be part of a fun and professional team that loves good food, good reads and good ideas, Tuber is the place to be.

Illustration by: Liew Xinyi