01 Apr The lasting power of 3M stickies!

by Weiping

When we first thought of creating a sticky pad, I recalled this advice from a client: make sure you go with 3M Post-It® if you want to produce your own stickies. True enough, it does stick way better and longer than any other generic brand. Tuber post-it

The sales for ‘Stickies for the boh eng moments’ took off slowly … [Why liddat?] Being the noobs we were (we specialise in content and have never sold a collateral) we were uncertain if we were doing the right thing – we missed the festive sale period, we didn’t have a shop page on our website till the product was produced, we didn’t have familiar media contacts and we didn’t have a retail network. [CMI]

We learned from scratch quickly and we stuck to what we believed in: we have a great product. [Spudtastic!] We approached the shops (with many rejections), we sent press releases to the media and combed all of our networks to send the copies to hoping for a bigger exposure. We pestered our friends and we exhausted our personal social media spaces. [Da bomb!]

Today, we have a happy problem. In just three months, we are left with just a few copies and are fighting over them internally. We are now ready to chiong for the next product – one that sticks and will stick for a long time. [Damn zai.]

Btw, Elle Singapore, Lifestyle (an NTUC mag) and I-S Magazine, all April 2014 issues, featured the product with very good feedback. [Boomz!Elle-mag-crop-300x164front-wish-list-300x212