14 Jun Steady hands

by Maziah

For the Challenge May/June 2014 bumper issue, Tuber commissioned papercut artist Beatrice Ng to produce art for the cover and series of cover stories. As you can see, the number 7 stands out — this issue has seven different takes on the topic of building a good relationship between the Public Service and citizens.

Playing on the idea of relationships, Bridgette thought of traditional papercut art. Then, we had to find a papercut artist who could take this on.

It took several email exchanges to finalise the design and copy for the art. All but one of our May/Jun issues have red as the dominant colour, so we decided on white art on a red background. On the cover (and opening page for the cover stories), the number 7 in our listicle-style headline is made out of puzzle pieces. The content of the interlocking puzzle piece were tweaked; numbers were swapped as the order of the stories changed too. Decorative curlicues were added, then removed. And to link the cover stories together to the cover design, Beatrice also drew separate puzzle pieces for the inside pages. Everything, including the Challenge masthead and strapline, was traced and cut by hand, even the tiny dots above the i’s.

Once the design was set, Beatrice outlined her art on large pieces of paper, took a day or so to cut the pieces out, and mounted the delicate cut-outs on backing boards. She hand-carried the boards to Tuber’s office for John (daphotographer.com) to shoot. After some digital adjustments to the lighting and colour tones, finally, the outcome: 7 Ways To Go Steady with the Public on challenge.gov.sg

For more of Beatrice’s work: beatrice-ng.tumblr.com