19 Dec Santa’s Little Helpers

by Lina

When we made our first Tuber retail product, Stickies for the Boh Eng Moments, in a limited run in 2013, we didn’t think that it would fly off the shelves. So with a little more experience this year, we came out with our V.2 stickies — Stickies for the Lagi Boh Eng Moments — and a Vomit Blood rubber stamp (thanks to those who couldn’t get over the little Vomit Blood post-it tab in the V.2 stickies and wanted more). In the 3rd quarter of this year, we launched our V.2 stickies and rubber stamp.

But little did we know, besides producing the items, what preparing the packaging would be like.

Nothing can stop our creative juices flowing and Santa’s Tuber workshop opened! Every pack is given the TLC treatment. Every fold, every sticker label — nothing escapes the love given by our Santa’s helpers. Then the packages are delivered by Tuber’s Christmas sleigh to our friends at Naiise, Goods of Desire, Mondays Off and The Corner Shop.

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