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This bi-monthly publication by the PS21 Office under the Singapore Public Service Division is read by a wide range of civil servants, from senior leaders to operational staff. After winning the tender in 2010, Tuber revamped the magazine, giving it a new masthead and tagline (“Approaching the Public Service Differently”). Tuber has given the magazine a distinctive look with modern design, quality photography and illustrations.


Tuber also provides the editorial consultancy for the magazine. To appeal to the cross-section of readers, Tuber creates content ranging from easily digestible snippets to in-depth stories.


Since Tuber began producing Challenge, the magazine has won several awards with the most recent being the Best Government Publication in the global 2015 Content Marketing Awards. Challenge also won the Award of Excellence in the 2015 Apex Awards, another international award. Challenge is available at www.challenge.gov.sg.


Read more about Challenge here.


This magazine is published by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for its teaching staff. With a reach of 37,000 readers, Contact is packed with useful articles on professional development, news on innovative practices and tips on classroom management.


Since Tuber began producing this quarterly magazine in 2011, it has revamped the magazine’s design twice. The most recent revamp won the 2015 Apex Awards’s Grand Award for “Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – Most-Improved”. The Grand Award is given to 82 outstanding works in different categories, globally.


The judges’ feedback on Contact: “Copywriting is excellent, with punchy, interesting features and plenty of shorts to grab, and keep, the readers’ attention. The articles are reinforced by cutting edge design, which helps make the magazine an easy read, with top drawer spreads, packed with illustrations, photos and world class infographics. In sum, a very enjoyable publication.” Read Contact at www.moe.gov.sg/teachers-digest.


To signify a refreshed Evidence+, Tuber proposes a revamped masthead with a friendly, approachable typeface that is characterised by gentle curves.

As the new series will have a section on the regional community efforts of the NUHS and will reach a wider audience, Tuber proposes using lower case for the title to convey a more informal vibe. Look closer, and you’ll notice two new details. The + sign is now more integrated than ever with the word “evidence” – symbolising the inclusion of the community – while the three smaller + signs in different colours (with hints of NUHS colours) signify the widened reach of the magazine.


Urban Solutions is the biannual publication of the Centre for Liveable Cities, an institute set up by the Singapore Ministry of National Development to distil, create and share knowledge on liveable and sustainable cities.


Since 2013, Tuber has been providing editorial assessment, writing, editing, sub-editing and proofreading for the magazine, which is about 90-100 pages. Urban Solutions can be read at www.clc.gov.sg.