09 May Our retreat by the sea~

by our intern, Yvette

For this to work, you’d have to speak in a posh accent. It only works if you do it in that accent, okay.

For our 2014 company retreat, Tuber Productions, the finest design and editorial consultancy in the world, went to a quaint colonial cottage by the sea. We discussed plans and strategies for our future… for your future, dear reader. Oh, there were intriguing personality tests, serious discussions and… a BBQ…

Okay, you can stop talking in a posh accent now.

All kidding aside, that was what Tuber did during our March retreat down at the Changi coast. To get the most out of the sea breeze, we did our discussions down on the boardwalk, which has that amazing view you see in the photo above. As the intern, I was lucky to have been able to go along and get an insight into what goes on during the company retreat.

At Tuber, we work as a team – editorial & design – so it was great to observe how different working styles were brought up and people became clearer about the different communication styles everybody had. It gave me inspiration for what I can do to better understand my final-year project teammates in the coming semesters as well.

At the end of the 3D2N retreat, the team managed to come up with many great projects to embark on and revitalise Tuber’s image, starting with… well, why don’t you check back on this space to find out in the future? ;)