21 Feb Kam sia!

by Maziah

Wow! It’s the first week our stickies have been out and we’ve already chalked up more than a hundred orders. We’re stoked that the lucky few who already have their hands on our limited edition Tuber Post-it pad like the fun use of Singapore slang. Here’s a peek at how we came up with the lines you see in the stickies:

One hot morning at
the National Library,
we scribble haikus.

(It’s not so hard, see?
Any short sentence can be
broken up, like this.)

A To Do list, or
a Hit List? …a Shit list? Ah!
Kena Arrowed list!

Quotes: ‘Why do today
what you can do tomorrow’?
Nah. Not so funny.

Post Ryan’s design,
we changed the last To Do from
‘hairdo’ to ‘I do!’

‘This belongs to…’ No,
‘This one my one!’ All beloved
items need a name.

Some learn new terms: wait,
huh? ‘WTFBBQ’?

Spread the love. Take a
photo of how you use them.
Boleh? Kthxbai!