04 Nov An Infographic-in-Progress

by Shiwei

In real life, designers have to handle all the information to put into a layout by themselves, from clipping chunks of information from various sources to breaking them down into visual titbits.

At Tuber, we lucky designers work hand-in-hand with the editors to produce an infographic project. Editors will get the brief and information from client, deciphering and summarising the information before the project is handed over to the designers. Sometimes, the editors would present us with the flow of the infographic in rough sketches. Even then, we have to understand what the theme and requirements are for every project in order to create a wireframe layout with the text. This is to help us understand the project better and how the information can be further summarised or supplemented with graphics. The editors have to go through our wireframe, making sure that we have interpreted the information correctly, and to reduce the number of words if necessary, so that we can have the space to place in the graphic interpretation of the words.

We have to keep in mind that an infographic is a summary of an article, difficult idea, event, etc, using a minimal number of words while still making sense to readers. Everyone would like to have a lot of information on a single page, but there are always limitations to how much information a printed page can hold. Above all, the infographic has to catch the attention of the readers.

That is the fun and challenge of an infographic project.


LTA-WIP-Designer-724x1024 copy